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 The unique qualities and advantages of EEsource

       Built upon the experience of a group of technology deployment, R&D, purchasing and marketing specialists, each with over ten years in the OEM industry, EEsource not only has the flexibility of a small-scale trading company, but also has the expertise, experience and comprehensive service of a large-scale corporation.

 LCD Full Repair and Refurbish Service

       In order to provide best service quality and maintain long-term relationships with customers, We are currently offering highest-level service of remanufacturing LCDs back to their original specifications including , but not limited to :
E Polarizer change,
E B/L tube change,
E B/L module repair,
E Testing,
E Re-packaging

 LCD Brightness Enhancement Program

       With years of experience, We can design and tailor a program that's meet customer's demand for higher brightness LCD, consisted of:
E Polarizer change,
E BEF/DBEF Film or B/L tube replacement
E Reliability Test
E Quality Inspection


       EEsource can help OEM to re-manufacture and re-sell their excess inventory or displays which they receive back from the field. . We provides a reliable way for OEM to dispose LCDs and that will protect the OEM from environmental liabilities Other Asset recovery service is also available , such as warranty extend, Full repair Service and liquidating excess or obsolete inventory

 LCD Kitting and Integration Program

       Many customers prefer not to design and develop their own LCD display solution. LCD kits can be a cost effective alternative to developing an LCD display solution A turnkey LCD kitting solution, including:
E LCD Screens
E Controller Cards and cables
E Inverters
E Power Supplies
E Metal frame
E Touch Screen Integration

 Future Development

      With expected huge increases in production volume in the Greater China region due to low overheads and greater efficiency, more and more importance is being placed upon component distribution and inventory management/re-distribution. EEsource is playing a key role in this supply chain to help OEM/CEMs to procure low-cost components and re-distribute excess inventory efficiently.


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